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Why the Next Steve Jobs Will Be a Woman

A rising tide of female founders will produce the next iconic entrepreneur

BY KIMBERLY WEISUL, Editor-at-large,


Here's an experiment: Name five iconic entrepreneurs. Actually, don't bother, because we can pretty much predict your answer. Every year, we ask the Inc. 500honorees to name the entrepreneurs they most admire. The answers: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, and Bill Gates. We've also seen Mark Zuckerberg and Tony Hsieh. The list varies a bit each year, but one constant remains: They're all men.

Why You Should Wear Your Mistakes Proudly



When you’re building a business, you want to focus and deliver excellence at what you do. This simply cannot be done when you are launching multiple ventures, dozens of new products, and selling everywhere and anywhere at the same time.


All my mistakes from those days in the wilderness are responsible for KIND’s success today. Trying to forget or hide your mistakes is a huge error. 

The Art of Storytelling According to StoryCorps and Humans of New York

Amy S. Choi, 


Between them, Dave Isay, TED Prize winner and founder of StoryCorps, and Brandon Stanton, founder of Humans of New York, have collected more than 75,000 stories from regular people around the world. Isay collects his stories as audio files, while Stanton takes a photo and then interviews his subject — but they’ve both developed fascinating techniques for helping people to open up. 


They sat down recently to talk about their work and their thoughts on what makes for an honest, open interview environment

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